Product Description

Cement-based, single component water insulation material that is produced by reinforcing with chemical additives and polymers, sets very rapidly, prevents active water leakages, has water repellence, and functioning as a plug in the application places by bulging slightly while stiffening.

Usage Areas

On wall and ground. In water tanks, water reservoirs, and water conduits. In wet areas like restrooms, bathrooms, swimming pools. In underground and surface structures, sewer systems. In foundations and basement interior walls.

Technical Data

  • Color : Grey
  • Particle Size : 0- 0,5 mm
  • Dry Unit Weight : 1.2±0.5 kg/dm3
  • Application Temperature    : +5°C to + 35°C
  • Pressure Strength : 30 minutes ≥ 6 N/mm /  : 24 hours ≥ 10 N/mm /   : 28 days ≥ 30 N/mm       


Fast drying. Highly resistant against pressure. It does not shrink, collapse, crack. Resistant against adverse weather conditions. It prevents moisture, thus cutting the unpressurized and weak water leakages. Nontoxic, nflammable.

Surface Preperation

The application surface must be cleared of any dirt, dust, paint, mud, etc. that may prevent the product from sticking on the surface. The cavities, cracks, or the leakage points from which the active water leakage occurs must be opened up to the solid ground. The surface must be dampened before the application.


WATERSHOCK water insulation mortar in dust form (1 kg dust/0.2-0.3 liter water) is added into the clean container filled with the specified amount of water up to an amount that is sufficient for the size of the area to be filled and blended and mixed manually until a lump-free, homogeneous mixture is acquired. It is absolutely necessary to wear rubber glove during this process. The prepared mortar is shaped manually, pressed into the region to be plugged firmly, and held until it becomes rigid. The material must not be rubbed during this process.

The regions from which too much water leaks or the deep holes can be plugged by applying multiple layers. The mortar application surface must be cooled and cured by damping for 15 minutes after the application.

Cleaning Of The Tools

The equipment can be cleaned with water immediately after use. When the material dries hard on the equipment, it can be cleaned by mechanical methods.


1.7 kg powder product is needed to acquire 1 liter fresh mortar.


5 kg plastic buckets.

Storage and Shelf Life

If it is stored in unopened, original package in a dry environment as protected against direct sunlight and frost, its expiry date is 8 months from the production date.