Product Description

SCHOUBIT 2K is a water-based, and bitumen-rubber and cement based with fiber, two components bituminous liquid membrane. It is elastic and fast curing, and its elasticity and resistance is made stronger with various additives. After the evaporation of water in its composition, there constitutes a water and moisture-resistant and elastic layer with strong adhesion onto the surface where it is applied.

Usage Areas

SCHOUBIT 2K is used to insulate water leakages in covered wet areas such as bathroom, kitchen, and toilet, etc, in external insulation of ground walls, basements and underground storehouses, etc. And in all horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is used together with equipment such as fibermesh, nonwoven polyester, etc. in cracked surfaces or in insulation applications where it is required to be durable for higher pressures of water.

Technical Data

  • Base : Bitumen - polymer - cement
  • Thinner    : Water
  • Colour    : Black
  • Density of mixture : 1,2 kg/dm3
  • Application temperature    : Between +5°C to +35°C
  • Solid content : %63
  • Curing time : Touching => 1 hours

                            : Full drying => 5 - 6 hours

                            : Test => 8 days


  • It constitutes a seamless insulation layer with no joints.
  • It is environment friendly, as it is water-based.
  • It can be used confidently in covered places; due to its solvent- and toxin-free composition.
  • There is water in the mixture, so that it enables a good adhesion even if the surface is moist.
  • It has a permanent elasticity.
  • It has high capacity to cover cracks due to fibers in composition.
  • It is a cold applicable product. No heating or thinners are required.

Surface Preparation

The application surface should be without dust, rust, dirt, grease and oil and the loose parts should be scrapped out. The sharp points or horizontal-vertical joint places subject to cracking should be rounded. The large pores and the cracks should be filled with REPAMERK 1 repair mortar or PH 55 for corners.


SCHOUBIT 2K is cold applicable. Powder component in the bag is poured into liquid component, and then they are mixed together with a low revolving mixer until there remains no lump. After they are mixed, it is applied with a trowel. According to weather conditions, it dries approximately in 1 - 2 hours. It can be applied on moist surfaces, but not on wet surfaces. It should not be applied under the rain or at temperatures lower than +5°C. Next layer should not be applied before preceding one dries.

Cleaning Of The Tools

The cleaning of the tools is accomplished with soapy water just after the usage but with industrial type of solvents after curing.


2,5 - 4,0 kg/m2 for 2 layers.


In a set of 24 kg liquid component and 8 kg powder in plastic bag.

Storage and Shelf Life

2 year in original packaging. Storage below 35°C.