Product Description

SCHOUBIT 1K is a water-based, ready to use, single-component liquid membrane with elastomeric additives, used for insulating water and damp. By the evaporation of the water it contains, it adheres firmly to the surface it is applied, forming an elastic waterproof layer.

Usage Areas

It is used for the external insulation of foundations, underground constructions, basements. etc. It is used for insulating water leakages in closed damp environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, etc. For the applications requiring durability against higher water pressure, and on cracked surfaces, it must be reinforced with materials such as polyester felt, reinforcing fabric, fibermesh, etc. The alum material obtained by mixingSCHOUBIT 1K with sieved fine sand and cement is applied with a trowel to smooth out and level the surface, or to provide a protective coat over insulation. As a water based material, it can be safely used indoors. It can be used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Technical Data

  • Base : Bitumen – Polymer
  • Thinner : Water
  • Color : Black
  • Consistency : Fluid Thick Consistency
  • Density    : 1,03 kg/dm3
  • Solid Content : 56%
  • Application Temperature    : Between +5°C - +35°C
  • Curing Time : Touching => 1 Hours

                             : Full Drying => 5 – 6 Hours

                             : Test => 8 Days

It can be easily applied by anyone. It provides a seamless insulation layer. As a water-based material it is environment friendly. Due to its inflammable and non-toxic characteristics it can be safely used in closed spaces. Because it contains water, it enables good adhesion even when the surface is moist. It provides permanent elasticity. It is ready to use. As a cold applied material, it does not require heating or thinning. It can cover capillary cracks. It can be applied by trowel, brush or airless pump. It allows easy application by trowel up to 20 m2/h.Advantages

Surface Preparation

The application surface should be without dust, rust, dirt, grease and oil and the loose parts should be scrapped out. The sharp corners or horizontal-vertical cants subject to cracking should be rounded with PH 55. The large pores and the cracks should be filled with REPAMERK repair mortar. B PR 101 bitumen emulsion on concrete surfaces and B PR 102 on metal surfaces can be used as primer.


The surface must be primed. As a cold applied, prepared material, SCHOUBIT 1K should not be used with thinner. It can be applied with a bitumen brush, airless pump or trowel. Depending on weather conditions, it dries in approximately 4-5 hours. It should not be applied in rainy weather, and at temperatures below +5°C. It can be applied on moisture surfaces, but not wet surfaces. Next layer should not be applied before preceding one completely dries.

Cleaning Of The Tools

The cleaning of the tools is accomplished with soapy water just after the usage but with industrial type of solvents after curing.


For each layer 800 g/m2 with brush and at least two layers.


Net 17 kg plastic bucket

Storage and Shelf Life

At least 2 years in original and unopened package. Prevent from freeze.