Product Description


PUMAS 600 is an highly elastic, low modulus polyurethane sealant, with good UV resistance and excellent adhesion to typical construction materials.

PUMAS 600 is one component and cures with moisture to form a flexible sealant which can be overpainted after curing is finished. The sealant is non sagging, highly thixotropic, easy smoothing and has good workability. It is a perfect product for all types of static and dynamic expansion joints of structural members.

Usage Areas

PUMAS 600 is designed for civil and industrial movement, expansion, control and dilatation joints in architectural and heavy construction. To be used as a sealant between concrete, mortar, brickwork, natural and synthetic stone, metal, steel, aluminium, wood, ceramic tiles, rigid plastics etc.

Technical Data


  • Colours    : White, grey, black
  • Chemical basis    : Polyurethane
  • Viscosity    : Non sag
  • Specific gravity : Apr. 1,25 g/cm3
  • Inflammability point : > 60°C
  • Freezing point    : < - 10°C
  • Curing speed at    : 25°C and 50 % R.H 2mm after: 24 hrs
  • Skin formation    : Apr. 3 hours
  • Hardness Shore A : 25, 40 and 50 Shore
  • Elongation at break : Apr. % 600
  • E Modulus    : 0,22 Mpa
  • Recovery from deformation : 85 %
  • Shrinkage    : 5 %
  • Admissable joint movement : ±25 %
  • Temperature resistance    : - 40 to 80°C
  • Max. joint size    : 4 cm


Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be perfectly clean, dry and free from dust and grease.

Where necessary apply a coating of primer on the joint walls. Use PU 101 A for porous (absorbing) surfaces like concrete, mortar etc.

Joint design

The sealant should not adhere to the joint bottom; the use of a joint backing rod is recommended. It is advisable 
to effect preliminary adhesion tests. If the joint has a concrete protective system the compatibility of the joint coating with the sealant has to be verified.


Application of PUMAS 600 is carried out by a suitable pres-out gun.

Cleaning Of The Tools

Clean tools with solvent after use. Do not allow material to cure in tools.


For example; 
5 mm x 5 mm 32 g/m
10 mm x 10 mm 130 g/m
15 mm x 10 mm 195 g/m
20 mm x 10 mm 260 g/m
25 mm x 15 mm 485 g/m


600 ml sausages (20 pcs per box)

Storage and Shelf Life

PUMAS 600 must be stored in original containers and under dry condition at 5°C to 25°C. Under these conditions shelf life is 12 months.