Product Description

POLIPLUS is polyurethane modified, water-based, single-component, fast drying ready to use water insulation material that has perfect chemical strength and creates a waterproof elastic membrane on the surface.

Usage Areas

In the vertical and horizontal applications on the interior and exterior walls. At terraces, terrace gardens and roofs, balconies. In plant containers, on retaining walls, together with suitable drainage systems. In foundation insulation. In garages, underpasses, and underground warehouses. In wet areas.

Technical Data

  • Appearance Colored : Colored Paste
  • Density    : 1.25±0.02 kg/dm3
  • Shore A hardnes : 85
  • Concrete Adhesion Strength : >1 N/mm2
  • Tensile Strength : 3 N/mm2/td>
  • Creep : %380
  • Drying Time : It does not smear on hands after 1.5 hour
  • Through-Dry Time : 20°C 4 - 6 hours

Single component o ready to use, easy to apply. Applicable with spraying pistol, it saves labor and time. Highly resistant against UV rays. Walkable, ideal solution for the areas open to foot traffic. High adhesion strength. Highly elastic. Dry time between the layers is 1-2 hours, it is walkable or coverable the same day. The marble and ceramic coverings can be applied directlon POLIPLUS using ceramic and granite adhesives. It does not leave stain on marble and ceramic. It does not contain any solvent-based material, it can be applied in narrow areas easily. Water-based, nontoxic, and nonflammable.Advantages


Apply one coat of POLIPLUS to the surface directly from its package with roll and/or brush. Leave the first coat to dry for 1-2 hours. Apply the second coat perpendicularly to the first coat and leave to dry for 2-4 hours at 20°C (The application will be minimum 2 coats. If necessary, a third application must be made to recover the unevenness and pores on the surface, if any). POLIPLUS may be covered with the desired decorative covering after completing the application. The ponding test, on the other hand, can be made 24 hours after the last coat application. In order to prevent ponding, it is important to bevel correctly.

Cleaning Of The Tools

The equipment can be cleaned by industrial solvents immediately after application.


1.7-2 kg/m2/mm thickness


20 kg plastic bucket

Storage and Shelf Life

If it is stored in unopened, original package in a dry environment as protected against direct sunlight and frost, its expiry date is 12 months from the production date.