Product Description

POLIFLEX is a elastomeric resin based, single component, ready to use water insulation material that creates a waterproof elastic membrane on the surface.

Usage Areas

In the vertical and horizontal applications on interior and exterior walls. At terraces, terrace gardens and roofs, balconies (provided that it is covered). In foundation insulation.In garages, underpasses, and underground warehouses. In wet areas

Technical Data

  • Appearence : Blue paste
  • Destiny : 1.25±0.02 kg/dm3
  • Shore A hardness : 65
  • Adhesion Strength : >1.5 N/mm
  • Creep : >%500
  • Drying Time : It doesn't smear on hands after 1hour
  • Throgh-Dry Time : 24hours at 20˚C 


Single component. Ready to use, easy to apply. High adhesion strength. Highly elastic; it is not affected by light ground subsidence in the application site, and absorbs vibration. It creates a seamless, solid, moisture-proof and waterproof covering under the ceramic.The marble and ceramic coverings can be applied directly on POLIFLEXusing ceramic and granite adhesives. Water-based, nontoxic, and nonflammable.


Apply one coat of POLIFLEX on the surface directly from its package. Leave the first coat to dry for 1 hour. Apply the second coat and leave it to dry for 12 hours at 20°C. (The application will be minimum 2 coats. If necessary, a third application must be made to recover the unevenness and pores on the surface, if any.) POLIFLEX must be protected by covering with plaster or alum after the application has been completed. In the floor applications, the protection alum can be applied 4 hours after the last coat of the application has been completed.

The ponding test, on the other hand, can be made 24 hours after the last coat application. In order to prevent ponding, it is important to bevel correctly.The application must not be made at temperatures over 45°C and below 5°C. While working at the temperatures over 30°C, it is necessary to dampen the surfaces with water before applying the first coat. The product is sold ready to use. It must not be thinned with water. No sand must be added. This causes the loss of elasticity of the product and lead to cracks. It is not used in places that are likely to get water from the negative direction.

Cleaning Of The Tools

The equipment can be cleaned by industrial solvents immediately after application.


1,0-1,2 kg/m2 for 2 layer


20 kg plastic bucket

Storage and Shelf Life

For 12 months in its unopened, original package in cool and dry environments.