Product Description

For applications where a silicone mould release agent is not suitable, such as in the manufactureof telephones. This product has been formulated for severe conditions, including distressing of polycarbonate injection mouldings. 

- Forms a heat-resistant wet film on the mould and can easily be removed by common solvents if necessary
- Does not contain silicones or PTFE


Units per Carton: 

Container Size: 
320ml aerosol 

Application Instructions: 
Shake can vigorously before use. Spray onto surface from a distance of 20cm. One application is normally sufficient. 

Typical Properties & Handling/Storage: 
Colour: White/clear.
Flammable. Do not spray on naked
flame or incandescent material.
Protect from sunlight, do not
expose to temps above 50°C
Store indoors.
Ensure good ventilation during use.
Keep out of reach of children.