Product Description

Leaves no residue. Will not attack plastics. A most
sophisticated cleaner especially developed for the
electronics industry. Fast drying.
- Electronics: computers, PC boards, relays
- Electrical: switches, electro-mechanical devices
- Telecom’s: TV, transceivers, connectors
- Avionics: radar, navigational equipment
- Home: DVD and Blue Ray players, audio
equipment, TV sets
- Office: Telephone, switchboards, calculators,
computer keyboards and cash registers


Units per Carton: 

Container Size: 
200ml aerosol
400ml aerosol 

Application Instructions: 
Components to be cleaned are sprayed directly. The extension nozzle allows the spray to be directed exactly to where it is needed. The solvent dissolves grease and loosens dirt which is then flushed away by the spray. 

Typical Properties & Handling/Storage: 
Colour: Clear.
Bulk: Flammable. Store indoors.
Keep container closed.
Aerosols: Flammable. Do not spray on open flame.
Store under cover/indoors.
Do not puncture or incinerate can
even when empty.
Keep out of reach of children. Do
not expose to temp’s above 50°C.