Product Description

An electronic fault finder, also used for shrink fitting of small metal components and a cooling aid for spot welding & soldering where sensitive equipment is involved. (Contains Flammablecomponents but gives N.F. spray)
- Electronic fault location, Shrink fitting, Soldering aid. Used in electrical/electronic equipment, eg. amplifiers, calculators, computers, DVD and Blue Ray players, integrated circuits, radar &
navigational equipment, audio, telephonic/cellular, TV, thermostats, etc.


Units per Carton: 

Container Size: 
200ml aerosol 

Application Instructions: 
Ensure extension nozzle is attached. Hold aerosol can in upright position and use extension nozzle to pin-point and spray onto desired location. 

Typical Properties & Handling/Storage: 
Odour: Mild
Colour: Colourless.
Temperature Achieved < -45°C
Should not be sprayed directly onto
the skin. Frozen parts should not
be handled directly. Flammable.
Store under cover away from
direct sunlight. Do not puncture or
incinerate can even when empty.
Use in a well ventilated area. Do
not expose to temp’s above 50°C.
Keep out of reach of children.