Product Description

A-LECT is specially engineered as a de-moisturizing compound for electrical and as a penetrating lubricant for mechanical equipment.

• IMMEDIATE ACTION – Special superb penetrating formula quickly lubricates all surfaces to prevent rust corrosion.

• ELECTRICALLY SAFE – It does not interfere with tolerances and reduces creeping currents and arcing of insulators, communicators and reduces sparking in high voltage parts such as isolators, switches etc.

• STABLE PROTECTIVE FILMS – It remains stable with a flexible protective waterproof film that creeps into motor windings and other inaccessible parts of electrical and mechanical equipment and prevents subsequent moisture attack.

• NON-CONDUCTION – Non conductive formula with highly stable property improves electrical function of components exposed to moisture and is unaffected by rapid temperature changes.

• NO-DOWNTIME – It is safe to use while equipment is in operation saving expensive and time consuming shut-down period • SAFE – Low in toxicity, and non-corrosive to all metals.


WHERE USED: In commercial, industrial, marine and institutional area to displace moisture and seals out moisture returns on – switchboards, connectors, relays, transformers, coils, distributors, starters, motors, generators, PBX, mechanical parts etc.


INSTRUCTIONS For aerosol: shake well before use. Can be used while equipment is operating. Spray A-LECT into and on surfaces until completely wet. A-LECT is also available with bulk packing for brush or immersion application for economical application on big equipment. TECHNICAL DATA DESCRIPTION : Moisture displacing, lubricant, corrosion inhibiting agents with Chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents BIODEGRADABLE : Yes FLAMMABILITY : No TOXICITY : Harmful if swallowed