Product Description

Fuel additive for automotive and marine diesel engines. Cleans diesel engine injector nozzles. Dramatically reduces engine maintenance, eliminates smoking engines and contributes to fuel economy. Contains bacteriocide to prevent bacterial growth in storage tanks. The 375ml treats 75 litres of fuel. The bulk packs should be used in ratio 1:200. Boosts
cetane number by 2 points. Up to 3% improved fuel economy. Up to 14% reduced exhaust emissions. Improved fuel stability during storage. Dispersancy for insoluble gums. Improved
lubricity and anti-wear (Injectors). Premium corrosion protection. Prevents stable fuel-water emulsions. Reduced foam formation for faster fill-ups.

Units per Carton: 

Container Size: 
375ml PVC bottle 

Application Instructions: 
Must be added at recommended dosage: 375ml treats 75 litres of diesel fuel (1:200) Add before filling up with fuel. For bulk users it is best to dose the fuel storage tanks. 

Typical Properties & Handling/Storage: 
Appearance: Dark brown.
Harmful if swallowed.
Store under cover.
Keep out of reach of children.