Product Description

Cement-based water insulation material that is produced by modifying with the active chemical additives and that protects and makes the concrete reinforced concrete components watertight by creating a crystallized effect.

Usage Areas

In internal and external applications in the subbasement parts. In protection of the floor concretes against the humid and water leakages from the negative direction. In protection of the concrete components against the effects of the corrosive and detrimental salts carried by the underground waters. In insulation of the foundations, wet areas, tunnels, underground garages, and terrace gardens. In under-tile applications in wet areas like kitchen, balcony and restroom.

Technical Data

  • Color : Gray Dust
  • Bending strength ; >8N/mm2
  • Comprehensive strength : >45 N/mm2
  • Adhesion strength : w<0.3kg/m2h1/2
  • When apploed from negative direction : >1N/mm2
  • Density : 1,10kg/dm3
  • Appearence ; Gray Powder
  • Possitive pressure : >0,5MPa
  • Negative pressure : >1,5MPa


It is single component, and provides easy and fast application. When it reacts with water, it produces non-water-soluble crystals. It can be applied from negative and positive directions in water insulation of the concrete components. It increase the abrasive and impact strength of the concrete. It prevents the underground waters from rising in the subbasement level. It is nonflammable.

Surface Preperation

The application surface must be cleared of the substances that prevent adherences such as the form oil, dust, paint, dirt, detergent, etc. If the surface is too soft or dirty, it is necessary to make preliminary purification such as sandblasting or acid-wash. The concrete surfaces must be smooth, the cracks longer than 0.4 mm and the cavities with a depth up to 40 mm and width up to 25 mm must be repaired with REPAMERK repair mortars orPH 127. The sharp corners and joints of structural members must be chamfered. Prior to application, the surface must be saturated with water by moisturizing.


CRYSTAL 25 is added to 7.25-7.5 kg water in a clean container while mixing at a low speed. The mixing process is continued until a homogenous and lump-free mixture is acquired (minimum 2 minutes). The acquired mortar is applied on moisturized thus water-saturated surface using an appropriate brush or roll as 2 coats in directions perpendicular to each other. The second coat is applied when the first coat is fresh but stiff enough to carry the second coat. No application thicker than 5 mm must be made at a single coat. Dry-Shake Method (Water insulation from Negative Direction): When the fresh concrete has been poured and stiffened a little bit, CRYSTAL 25 is shaken on the concrete directly from its sack with a consumption of 3-3.5 kg/m2. After the shaking process, it is fed in the concreteby smoothing with a trowel helicopter trowel.Dry-Shake Method (Water insulation from Positive Direction): Immediately before pouring the concrete, CRYSTAL 25 is shaken over the place in which the concrete will be poured directly from its sack as powder with a consumption of 2 kg/m2, and the concrete is poured on it. After the application, the surface must be protected against rain and frost for 24 hours. After theCRYSTAL 25 coating has stiffened, the applied surfaces are wetted 3 times a day. This application is continued for 3 days, but in very hot regions, it must be extended for a couple more days. In order to extend the life ofCRYSTAL 25, it is necessary to make a protective alum, tile, ceramic, or enameled tile coating must be made in areas open to foot traffic.

Cleaning Of The Tools

The equipment can be cleaned with water immediately after use. When the material dries hard on the equipment, it can be cleaned by mechanical methods.


Approximately 1,5 kg/m2 depending on the condition of the application surface.


In 25 kg Kraft bags

Storage and Shelf Life

If it is stored in unopened, original package in a dry environment as stacked not more than 10 sacks high and protected against direct sunlight and frost, its expiry date is 12 months from the production date.