BLM 117

Product Description

BLM 117 is a bitumen-rubber based with SBS, ready to use, single component elastomeric liquid membrane. After application the solvents evaporate and BLM 117 becomes an elastic strong layer agaist water.

Usage Areas

BLM 117 can be applied against ground humidity, percolating water, moisture and leakages at building exterior surfaces, balconies, roofs, terraces and foundations, at retaining and curtain walls, galleries, drainage and foundation piles, hidden internal valleys , water channels and pools. In higher pressure applications, BLM 117can be applied with glassfibre or waterproofing fabric reinforcement as well. BLM 117 can be applied for regeneration on old bituminous roofing membranes.

Technical Data

  • Content : Modified bitumen and solvent
  • Thinner    : Solvent
  • Color    : Black
  • Consistensy : As paint (thixotropic)
  • Spesific gravity : 0,98 g/cm2
  • Softening point : +120°C
  • Application temperature    : Between +5°C to +35°C
  • Application tools : Brush or airless spraying
  • Solid content : %65
  • Elongation : %1000
  • Elastic recovary : %90
  • Curing time (20°C, % 65 humidity) : Air dry => 20 minutes

                                                  : Completely dry => 2 hours

                                                  : Hard => 4 hours

                                                  : Test dry => 48 hours



It is very easily applicable by anybody. In comparison to conventional bituminous waterproofing materials, it is much more resistant to atmospheric conditions.It is highly elastic. (900% min.) Higher-pressure applications are possible by using glass fibre or waterproofing fabric reinforcement as well. BLM 117 ensures a seamless insulation on vertical or horizontal surfaces where it is applied. It is ready to use. No heating or thinning is required. It is cold applicable and dryes fast. It is highly adhesive on most building materials and metals.Advantages

Surface Preparation

Surface must be dry and clean before application. Any loose pieces, dust, oil, grease should be removed. Sharp tips and horizontal/vertical joints which are suitable cracking, must be chamfered. On metal surfaces B PR 102, on non-metal surfaces B PR 101 shall be used as primer to clean from dust, to improve adhesion and therefore improve life of application. Big pores and cracks must be filled with REPAMERK 1 repair mortar or PH 55 for corners.


BLM 117 shall be applied to that surface of the wall, which will be in contact with water (positive pressure). It is ready to use. No heating or thinning is required. It can be applied by brush or airless sprayers. Although BLM 117is a fast drying type of solution (2 hours approximately), every next layer should better be applied next day. To obtain higher resistance or in case of cracks glassfiber or nonwowen polyester-fleece can be used. For exposed and non-walking roofs, ALUCOAT shall be applied as topcoat, so a solar protection and aesthetic look may be obtained.

Cleaning Of The Tools

After application, tools can be cleaned with solvents.


600 g/m2 for every layer


Net 17 kg metal pails

Storage and Shelf Life

2 year in original packaging. Storage below 35°C.