Product Description

ALUCOAT is a single component UV-protecting bitumen-aluminium solution with excellent adherence properties to bituminous surfaces.

Usage Areas

To protect bituminous waterproofing materials against the harmful effects of UV light. To control the heat increase on surfaces of metal or concrete tanks and other buildings during daytime. As a topcoat on BLM 117 applied on metal tanks, pipes, gutters, etc. If applied on waterproofing bituminous materials, solar protection and an aesthetic look may be obtained.

Technical Data

  • Contents : Bitum / Aluminium
  • Gravity : 0,90 g/cm3
  • Solid Content : 29 % 
  • Application Temperature : Between +5°C to +35°C
  • Thinner : Industrial Solvents
  • UV Resistance : Very good


  • Reflecting the UV light, ALUCOAT provides the bituminous waterproofing long life.Advantages
  • Due to its reflecting properties, it provides a cool and more comfortable atmosphere in the interior of the building.
  • Covers the black color of bitumen very well and makes the building look aesthetic.
  • It is economical. With 1 kg of ALUCOAT 5-6 m2 can be covered.
  • It helps you to recognize the cracks on waterproofing and prevents you from unexpected paint expenses.
  • It is resistant to wear out due to its excellent adhesion to bituminous surfaces.
  • Dries very fast.
  • It is resistant to pollution and atmospheric conditions.

Surface Preparation

The bituminous waterproofing must be completed and in good condition. The surface has to have a slope, so that no water collects on ALUCOAT.


ALUCOAT is a cold applied, ready to use product. After opening the can; before and during the application the content must be stirred well. Surface must be dry and clean before application. It can be applied with brush, roller or spraying.

Cleaning Of The Tools

After application, tools can be cleaned with organic solvents.


200 - 250 g/m2


Net 17 kg metal bucket
Net 4,5 kg metal cans

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a well ventilated cool place. Min. shelf life is 2 years. This product may generate gas due to its composition. 
If the container swells, release the gas by loosening the lid.