Product Description

A two component, polyester polyurethane with a super high-gloss finish. This coating system has two different activators to meet the specific requirements set by national air quality regulations. The 9401 Activator is used to meet the VOC requirements of the automotive refinishing rule. The 9401 Activator is not to be used if the coating is being used for industrial maintenance painting. For industrial maintenance painting, use only the HS9401 Activator which has been formulated to meet the reduced VOC levels established for this market. When using the 9401 Activator, this highly durable, high gloss enamel is designed for coating mobile equipment used in an aggressive environment. The coating has excellent chemical resistance and excellent color and gloss retention making it ideal for outdoor equipment such as ready-mix concrete trucks, bulk haulers, tank wagons, cranes, and other mobile equipment. When using the HS9401 Activator, this high performance polyurethane has excellent chemical resistance and excellent color and gloss retention. It is suitable for use in severe coastal, offshore, or chemical environments where both corrosion protection and aesthetics are very important. Ideal for exposed structural steel, tanks, conveyors, and other tough maintenance applications.



  • HS9369 Red
  • HS9381 Gray Epoxy Primer.


With 9401 activator:

  • 2083 Gray Transportation Primer

With HS9401 activator:

  • 9100 High Performance Epoxy (do not use 9115 aluminum), 9360, 9370, or 9380 High Solids Epoxy Primer



Apply only when air and surface temperatures are between 32-100°F (0- 38°C) and surface temperature is at least 5°F above dew point. For best result, air atomized spray is the recommended method of application. Airless spray will produce an acceptable industrial finish. Brush and roller applications generally do not produce an acceptable finish and should be limited to touch up only. The 9404 Leveling Additive is suggested for use with the 9401 Activator. The 9402 Accelerator and 9404 Leveling Additive can not be used with HS9401 Activator.